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During this difficult time with the Coronavirus Pandemic,

we pray that you have faith that God is in control. 

Psalm 46:1
“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

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Feature Past Stage Plays...















The  Deep Cover stage play is coming to a city near you...


Deep Cover "let your light shine in dark places"  a production is centered to bring awareness to increase in open racism, police brutality, gun violence, community policing, and political tactics.


We tackle first-hand events on stage that received media coverage (Trayvon Martin, Baltimore Riot, Charlottesville, Collin Kaepernick, Sandra Bland, Make America Great slogan, Confederate flag, Black Lives Matter, and we mentioned names who died by the law enforcement in wrongful death).  


The production is a teaching tool to teach history as we touched on slavery and how the pain of our ancestors carried over from generation to generation. A mother reported her 4-year-old daughter saw the play and woke up asking questions. The mother thanked me she was able to have a teachable moment with her child.  With that said this production is a tool to reach the youth sharing with them real events on stage that can enhance their ability to know their rights, how to respond when pulled over by a police officer and handling racism.


This election year we are targeting cities that will embrace this production.  With your help, we can cover as many states as possible to spread awareness to the message of the play as well encouraging people to get involved first by going out to vote, support the local African American businesses within their communities, community involvement, and collaborating with the churches, police officers and local Council Office.



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Most families have a little bit of drama.  Some more than others.  Mother Josephine's family is no exception.  She has spent Christmas alone for the past couple of years.  Her three daughters and their brother have refused to come home because of past hurt experienced in their childhood home.  Refusing to give up on her family, she invites everyone home one more time hoping for a season of transformation.

Use Promo Code "Transformation".  The Promo code starts on the 2nd only for a short period.


" The play, Cain and Abel, is a modern day take on a age-old conflict between family, unity and dysfunction!  The portrayal of each character and the execution and storytelling had me, and others present on the edge of our seats anticipating and anxiously awaiting what would happen next!  Brilliant job playwright! "

                                                                                                            - Tralyne D. Usry


" Anointed writer who has the ability to take biblical stories and turn them into modern day life on stage to enjoy, laugh, cry, and learn how to make better choices based on the Word of God. "

                                                                                             - Rodney Harrison


" I has the pleasure to watch Cain and Abel in 2013. It was an uplifting stage play that had a solid foundation in God 1st.  The play also made you laugh and cry.  The best message the play had was the message of redemption and forgiveness.  The creators and producers have a great thing in store.  Excellent Play. "

                                                                                                                      - S. Dixson


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